Effective date: November 8, 2021

Our Privacy Policy is up to date

Beewac is an application dedicated to exchange and share between people as well as help you discover and do what you like.
Beewac is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.Beewac provides, among other things, messaging and other services around the world.
This policy sets out the basis on which Beewac processes personal data collected from you or that you provide to us.
When you use Beewac's services, you share information with Beewac.
We therefore want to be transparent about what data we collect, how we use it, with whom we share it, and what controls we offer you to access, update or delete your data.
Beewac will NEVER sell or share User data and behavior with third parties, Beewac uses User data for a better user experience.
If you have any questions about how your personal data is used or about data protection in general, please contact Beewac at privacy@beewac.io.

****Table of contents****

1 Data collected
1.1 Data you provide to us
1.1.1 Registration
1.1.2 Profile
1.2 Data due to use
1.3 Data due to content
1.4 Location
1.5 Calendars
1.6 Technical data
1.7 Third-party data
1.8 Online

2 Publications

3 Information Sharing

4 Uses of your data

5 Managing your data
5.1 Modification and deletion
5.2 Authorization
5.3 Deleting data
5.4 Closing an account

6 Young Users

7 Advertisements

8 Complaints

1 Data collected

1.1 Data you provide to us
1.1.1 Registration
To create an account, you provide your last name, first name, date of birth, phone number (this information will never be disclosed), and a password(this information is encrypted).

1.1.2 Profile
You can choose the information on your profile, such as your education, work experience, skills, photo, city/region, physical appearance, phone, relationships, hobbies and any information you wish to share with us, geographical locations, events.

1.2 Usage Data We collect information about your activity through our services. How you use Beewac, for example, searches, what shows you look at, what map you browse.

how you interact with other Users, the time and date of your exchanges, the number of messages you exchange with your Users, the Users with whom you exchange the most messages, and your interactions with those messages.

1.3 Content Data
Beewac collects content you create on Beewac, such as media, and information about the content you create or provide, such as whether the recipient has seen the content.

1.4 Localization
When you use Beewac on a mobile device, Beewac may process information about your location. With your consent, Beewac may collect location data provided by a GPS (Global Positioning System) and on the location of your mobile device. If you do not wish to share your precise location with Beewac, you can disable location services in your mobile device settings.

1.5 Calendars
Beewac collects via your calendars your events that you can share at any time

1.6 Technical data
Beewac automatically collects certain information about you when you use Beewac such as hardware model, operating system version or information about your mobile and wireless network connections, your service provider, your IP address and signal strength.

1.7 Third Party Data
Beewac receives personal data about you (including your contact information) when others import or synchronize their contacts or calendar using Beewac, associate their contacts with other Users' profiles, or send messages using Beewac (including invitations or match requests). If you or third parties choose to sync your email accounts with Beewac, Beewac will also collect information from “email headers†that we may associate with User profiles.

1.8 Online
Information about your active status or presence on Beewac. Users may see signals telling them whether or not you are active on Beewac. In private messages, map, search you can choose your status and make yourself invisible. However, as long as you are in a room, your online presence is indicated in the list of online users of the room.

2. Publications

Beewac collects information about when you send, receive or view messages. For example, if you receive a request to be added to your contacts, to gain access to a private room, we track your response and send you reminders.

3. Information sharing

Beewac shares your information about you presently from your account only with other Users and always with your consent.

4. Uses of your data

Beewac uses data about you (such as your profile, profiles you have viewed, or data provided via address book uploads or partner integrations) to help others find your profile, suggest relationships to you and others (e.g., Users who have contacts, work experience, places, events in common with you), and to allow you to invite others to become Users and connect with you. You may also allow Beewac to use your exact location or proximity to others for certain tasks (e.g., suggesting other nearby Users to contact you, calculating travel time, or telling your connections that you have).
It is up to you to decide whether you want to invite someone to join Beewac, send a match request or accept another User to connect with you. When you send a match request, the invitation includes your name, photo, network and contact information. We will send reminders to the person you invited. You can choose whether or not to share your own list of connections with people Users.
If you choose to provide Beewac with your precise location, we will also use your data to provide you with services based on your location, such as personalized advertisements and other content and if you have opted in to receive personalized advertisements only from us.

5. Managing Your Data

5.1 Editing and Deleting
You can Edit all of your account information and delete it directly. Because privacy is paramount, Beewac will ask you to verify your identity or provide additional information before letting you access or correct your personal data. Beewac may also deny your request to access or rectify your personal data for a number of reasons, including, for example, if your request would violate the privacy of other Users or if it is unlawful.

5.2 Authorization
In most cases, if you have consented to Beewac's use of your information, you can simply withdraw your consent by changing the settings in the application or on your device, if your device allows it. Of course, if you do this, some services may no longer function completely.

5.3 Deleting data
You may request Beewac to delete or remove all or part of your personal data.

5.4 Account closure
If you close your account, your personal data is generally no longer visible on Beewac within 24 hours. Your data will be permanently deleted within 30 days, with the following exceptions: When you delete your account, Beewac deletes the content you posted, such as your photos and statuses, and you will not be able to retrieve this information afterwards.
Information about you that other people have shared is not part of your account and will not be deleted.
Beewac retains your personal data after you close your account as reasonably necessary to fulfill our legal obligations (including requests from authorities), comply with regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse.

6. Young Users

Beewac can be used by children over the age of 10. Young Users cannot be put in contact with adults without a double connection via the phone number. Young Users are particularly protected on Beewac, their publication, their information do not appear as for example in the search, the map for adult Users and vice versa.
The only exception is that young Users can have access to public adult rooms as long as the administrator User is signed a dedicated charter whose non-compliance leads to a deletion of the room and blocking of the User account

7. Advertisements

Beewac measures the performance of advertisements and targets them according to the Users. All advertisements are managed by Beewac and no third party provider can display them. Ads are displayed based on your location (if allowed) and your use of Beewac

8. Complaints

In the event that you wish to make a complaint about our handling of your personal data, please contact us in the first instance at privacy@beewac.com and we will endeavour to deal with your request as soon as possible. This does not preclude your right to take action with your data protection authority or to follow the dispute resolution procedure.